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About Patrick Kools

Patrick co-creates new directions in complex environments. His passion for and vision on changes are refreshing. Working from the belief that care and connection lead to excellence in high risk environments he brings people together in industry and healthcare organizations to create new directions and high performance. Care, compassion and non-judgement are central themes.

Patrick is a frequent speaker and writer on issues related to safety and team cooperation.

In the past, Patrick was joint Founder and for 10 years CEO of iBanx HSE (, a company delivering integrated solutions to positively influence the Health, Safety and Environment performance of plants. Prior to that he worked 10 years for Shell International in various positions.

Patrick was educated at the United World College of South East Asia (Singapore) and as a Production Engineer at Cambridge University Engineering Department.

He is also a licensed Avatar® Master ( As an Avatar Master he works on increasing the amount of compassion, personal responsibility and service to others. Patrick gives regular Avatar courses in the Netherlands and the USA.

You can contact Patrick here.

by Dr. Radut